1999 Kawasaki Vulcan 800

Since fall 2009 Klara has her bright red Vulcan 800 … and it was sold in April 2014.


… and these are the addons she has on her bike.

  • Original Kawasaki wind shield for ´96-´01 models
  • Saddlemen tool pouch with flames in red stitching
  • Saddlemen saddle bags with flames in red stitching
  • Mustang Seats saddle, 1 piece, with red flames
  • Sissy bar with luggage rack
  • Kuryakin ISO Grips, flames
  • Chrome mirrors, “skeleton hands”
  • Irate Polished stainless steel radiator cover, skull and flames
  • Raask 2″ Drag Pipe’s, slash cut
  • Hand made bag for our dog Cindy
  • Alarm