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Photo’s by Nico

Both me and my wife, Klara, ride Kawasaki’s Vulcan cruisers or VN as they are called here in Europe. I’ve got a black and silver 2016 Vulcan 1700 Voyager ABS and Klara has a golden orange 2012 model Vulcan 900 Custom.

Photo’s by Nico

We are of course both members of Vulcan Riders Sweden, I’m Information responsible for VRS and regional responsible for region South.

Iron Butt 3I am also a proud member of IBA, Iron Butt Association, through IBA Sweden. 🙂

Do you feel like contribute with material for this site, have any ideas, miss anything, or do you just feel like comment on what is already here?

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Anders Nordh, Bara (Sweden, Europe)

VRS #2672, VROC #14137, IBA #64184

please email petterniklas@andersnordh.com ...
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